Does a High-Performance Air Filter Increase Performance?

In a nutshell, yes. High-performance air filters can provide an increase in power, usually ranging from 3-5 hp. While this may seem like a minor boost, it can make a huge difference in the overall performance of your vehicle and your driving experience. The main cause of engine power loss is dirt.Simply replacing the engine air filter can increase power and, in some cases, even improve fuel economy.

It's always best to follow the vehicle manufacturer's recommendations for when to change the filter. One of the advantages of a high-flow air filter is that, unlike regular filters, it doesn't need to be changed every year. All you have to do is clean it approximately every two years. This is because they don't clog as quickly or as easily, but they offer better airflow and better filtration of the air entering the engine.

And if your engine gets more air, it can perform better - in fact, a high-flow air filter can increase its power by 3 to 5 HP and also increase its torque. At the same time, this can lead to greater fuel efficiency. How? In some of the more expensive units, the filter comes with a cold air intake unit. This is installed to extract air from outside the car instead of the hot air used inside the engine compartment. Cold air is denser than hot air and therefore burns better, improving engine performance. When performing routine maintenance on your vehicle, one of the most overlooked aspects is the air filter.

Changing the air filter alone can interrupt the operation of a car engine with the gearbox and transmission. One problem that has been observed is that, due to increased air intake, high-performance filters can expose the engine to more dirt and contaminants. To replace your air filter, simply detach the clips from the air filter housing, lift the top of the housing to access it, and remove the old air filter. Automotive air filters are designed to ensure clean and even air flow to the engine, contributing to the combustion process. Whether you want to increase power, fuel efficiency, or simply reduce the hassle of changing your air filter regularly, a high-flow filter can be a good choice.

It's much like a vacuum cleaner - when you notice a decrease in power; it may be due to a dirty filter blocking airflow and reducing your vehicle's power output. Constantly replacing your air filter can help you extend the life of your engine and maintain its original performance. In fact, installing only one high-performance air filter in your car could reduce fuel efficiency and engine life. If the filter housing is not properly closed, air could enter the housing without being filtered properly.

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