Can I Use a Washable or Electrostatic 16x25x1 Air Filter in My Furnace or HVAC System?

When it comes to air filters, there are many opinions about the effectiveness of washable oven filters. Some believe they are a great way to save money, while others are less enthusiastic and think electrostatic filtration may not be as effective as disposable filters. Some air conditioning companies are even negative about washable filters, believing they are the worst type of filter you can choose. However, there are many benefits to using washable oven filters.

They can save you money on replacement costs, reduce waste from landfills, and reduce carbon emissions. One air screw is equivalent to 36 single-use air filters. Additionally, almost all washable oven filters are made of synthetic materials, compared to the typical disposable filter that is made of cotton blends. If you're looking for a washable filter, the Nordic Pure is a great option.

If you don't find it in your size or if you prefer to buy a new filter in a store right away, Honeywell's FPR 9 and Filtrete MPR 1500 filters are similar and widely available in retail stores. When it comes to cleaning your filter, it's a good idea to soak it in a bowl with mild dish detergent if it's very dirty. Unlike disposable HVAC filters with cheap paper frames, washable air filters usually have some type of metal or sturdy extruded plastic frame. This helps filter contaminants and clean the air before it flows back to your home.

Synthetic filter media is usually made of polypropylene, polyester, or other types of synthetic fibers that filter dust, but they can be cleaned with water. The air filter is designed to protect both the mechanical components of the boiler and the quality of the indoor air in your home from particles suspended in the air. The Trophy Air is also economical and will save you money over time compared to disposable filters. The frame is made of extruded ABS polymer and the filter medium is synthetic (and pleated) so you can clean it as often as necessary for air to flow properly.

The MERV rating indicates how many particles the filter can capture, and washable air filters range from MERV 5 to MERV 11 or higher. We believe that manufacturers' concerns are too cautious, in part because a recent innovation in air filters makes it possible to obtain high MERV ratings (11 to 1) with a low pressure drop. One of the best and easiest ways to care for your air conditioning system is to change your boiler air filter regularly. With an average MERV value of less than 8, reusable filters tend to remove fewer particles than many disposable filters, which could overload the boiler or air conditioner. Washable oven filters can be installed in wall-mounted air intake vents (most common in the south) or in the air treatment system (more common in the Mid-Atlantic and Northern states, where the air handler is usually placed in the basement, near the oven).

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